The best time to visit the Himalaya.

July 1, 2023
The best time to visit the Himalaya.

As a general guide, there are two main seasons for visiting the Himalaya, when you can expect the best conditions, with a few exceptions for specific regions. The first season is Spring from March to early/mid May and then Autumn, from October to December. During these times, in most of the Himalaya, the skies are blue, temperatures pleasant and views spectacular.

Temperatures vary between regions of course, for example in the southern, lower altitudes such as in Chitwan in the south of Nepal and in southern India in Kerala, temperatures will be warmer.

The summer months generally are too hot and humid and when the monsoon rains start, are not the ideal time for most of the regions we visit – with the exception of Tibet and also Ladakh in India, when the summer months are the perfect time to visit.

Best time to visit Nepal

For Nepal, the best times are in Spring from March to early/mid May and from early October to December with typically clear blue skies, no rain and very pleasant temperatures. Spring is also a beautiful time to see the rhododendrons and other wildflowers in bloom along the trails.

From mid-May onwards the temperature and humidity starts to climb, particularly in the southern Terai region, such as Chitwan National Park. Temperatures at this time can reach the high 30s C or low 40s C in some areas.

Conditions are still very enjoyable outside of the main Spring and Autumn months. Late December, January and February are still great to visit but can get very cold, particularly at night and at higher altitudes. If you don’t mind the cold and dress appropriately, you can expect to enjoy clear skies, quiet trails and beautiful views. Some of our higher altitude trips we don’t run at this time of year but most treks, tours and safaris are still running.

The monsoon (rainy season) is usually from June to the end of August, into the start of September. We don’t advise travel at this time as there is heavy rain, landslides, overcast skies and generally not good or enjoyable conditions to visit.

Best time to visit Bhutan

Like its neighbour Nepal, the best times to visit Bhutan are in Spring from March until end of April/early May and in Autumn from October to December. During these times you can expect sunny skies, pleasant temperatures with some chilly mornings and night at the start of Spring and overall great views and travelling conditions.

From May onwards the temperature and humidity increase until the monsoon rains start from June to early to mid-September.

January and February are still good times to visit but will be colder but typically dry with pleasant conditions and with less visitors. In late Spring you’ll enjoy the beautiful blooms and colours of the rhododendrons and other flowers. From the end of October to mid February is the best time to see the rare Black-Necked Cranes in Phobjikha Valley.

Best time to visit India

Depending on where you visit, for much of India the best time to visit is between October and March, with typically good weather, sunny, warm, dry and clear skies.

December and January can be much colder, particularly in the north and at higher altitudes, and there can be lots of fog, even in Delhi. At higher altitudes skies can be clear but it can be very cold and warm clothing is essential.  

Temperatures and humidity start to climb from April onwards. It’s still possible to visit and prices can be lower at this time of year but typically as well as high temperatures and humidity, you can also expect some rain and thunderstorms.

The summer months however are the ideal time to visit certain destinations such as Ladakh, in the far north of India. June to September is the best time to visit Ladakh.

The best time to visit the south of India, for example Kerala, is after the monsoon, from late September to March with pleasant weather and temperatures. If visiting the backwaters the best time is from late October to February. It’s still possible to travel outside these times, for example in May but it will be hot and humid with rain at times although a great option is to escape the heat by visiting the hillstations for example at Munnar, to visit the tea, coffee and spice plantations, where the air is cooler at the higher elevation.

March and April are the best times to visit the wildlife parks in central India. April is much warmer but still with a good chance of spotting the wildlife, including tigers.

Best time to visit Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is April to November, with better conditions and temperatures from May to October, when typically you’ll have clear, blue skies, sunny days, pleasant temperatures up to the mid 20s C and easier travelling. Mid to late October it starts getting colder but with clear and dry conditions and less travellers at this time so sites and routes are quieter.

Due to its high altitude, most of the country is under permafrost for much of the year and the winter months are not a good time to visit Tibet. As well as extreme cold and snow from December to March, much of Tibet is inaccessible at this time and flights to Lhasa are often disrupted.

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