Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Appropriate travel insurance is a condition of booking.

It is a condition of booking with us that you have appropriate travel insurance in place and that you provide confirmation and a copy of your travel insurance to us before you travel.

We strongly advise you take out travel insurance at the time of booking, to protect yourself in case of any unexpected events that may prevent you from travelling or any events that happen whilst you are travelling.

If you have not already arranged appropriate insurance cover, please contact our recommended Travel Insurance providers Campbell Irvine

Click on the link above to get a quote or alternatively you can call Campbell Irvine Direct on : 020 7938 1734. 

It is an essential condition of joining a holiday with One Himalaya Ltd that you have a valid travel insurance policy in place to cover the cost of medical treatment (including the cost of repatriation and evacuation by helicopter/air ambulance/other appropriate means in the event of medical need), injury, death, liability to third parties, and to protect the value of your holiday in the event of cancellation. 

Campbell Irvine Direct are a reputable travel insurance company with over 45 years’ experience arranging travel insurance to some of the most adventurous and challenging global locations.  They are specialists in providing insurance cover for trekking, safaris, white and black water rafting and many other activities. Full details are provided on their website. Their insurance also includes COVID 19 cover.

When travelling with us, you will need to select either Single Trip Cover excluding N.America/Mexico or if you plan to travel several times during the year, it may be more cost effective for you to select Multi Trip Worldwide Cover, depending on your overall travel plans for the year.