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    We are delighted to say we are resuming  trips to Tibet from Spring 2024. 

    Tibet is reopen for travel, however the rules and timescales for obtaining a visa and travel permit have recently changed. This means that visiting Tibet is not as straightforward as it used to be, particularly for solo travellers or small groups (less than 5 people) but it is still possible and we believe it's very important, for many reasons, that travellers continue to visit, explore and learn about this beautiful land, its people and culture.

    All travel to and within Tibet, including the issue of travel permits and visas, is controlled by the Chinese Authorities. 

    There are several ways to visit Tibet. The trips we offer are based on entering Tibet either from Nepal or from China. The new rules state that if entering from Nepal, travellers must spend at least 6 days in Nepal prior to travelling onward to Tibet. This is to allow additional time for processing of visas and travel permits, which require a traveller's passport to be presented in person. Although this is a longer time period that previously, during the time you are waiting for permission to enter Tibet, you can enjoy tours and treks in Nepal before travelling onwards to Tibet. It also means if you are coming to Nepal for a trek, tour or safari, a visit to Tibet is a great trip extension to consider adding on to your main trip.

    Another option if you have limited time, is to enter Tibet from China where your Tibet visa and travel permit will be processed more quickly, usually within 2 working days, after which you can then travel onwards to Tibet. The most common points of entry are from Chengdu or Beijing. We recommend Chengdu as there are more options for tours and sightseeing during the time you need to wait for your travel documents to be processed.

    The other big change to the rules are that, if you are travelling from Nepal to Tibet, visas will only be issued for groups of 5 or more, not for solo travellers. Solo travellers or small groups will need to enter via China. If you are a small group less than 5 persons, there may be options to join with other travellers and we will do our best to facilitate that where possible. We advise contacting our team for information and options.

    If you'd like more information or to discuss your plans to visit Tibet, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss everything with you.

    Sometimes referred to as Land of Snows or the Roof of the World, this rugged and starkly beautiful land to the north of the Greater Himalaya Chain, remains one of the most hidden and untamed regions of the world - a place of vast and awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient traditions, mysterious peoples and timeless splendour. Travel in Tibet really means adventure travel in a land that remains one of the most captivating, least developed and most challenging parts of the world, where average altitudes are above 4000m. Despite developments and changes in recent years, facilities, and levels of service here, particularly outside of the capital Lhasa, can be very basic but for those willing to accept this, a visit to Tibet is a memorable adventure. We will put every effort into making your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, but we emphasize that travelling in Tibet requires flexibility and a spirit of adventure. 

    Please consider this carefully before making any booking to visit Tibet.

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